SaaS is not easy to manage. In addition, the narrative is inverted; instead of software publishers worrying about compliance or getting the right revenues, it’s now organisations that carry the accountability. So unmanaged SaaS can create huge costs for a business.

As many businesses pivoted during the recent pandemic, so did individuals doing their jobs. The net result was a SaaS explosion. Couple this with SaaS being so hard to audit; organisations are now starting to understand the level of cost and risk SaaS can bring to a business if left unmanaged.

We are living in a period where we are seeing unprecedented changes in the ways we do business and operate. Our belief is that Procurement & IT Teams need more assistance and resource to manage the costs associated with SaaS. As a result Appstrato employs a proven three stage approach to our work:


The first step in the process is to Assess the current SaaS estate. This will involve analysing a number of different data sets using our inhouse software data cleanser. We take the data and our team of software auditors and procurement specialists will determine and catagorise the various types of SaaS you have in your business. We show you what your real SaaS portfolio looks like, how much you are spending and where you may need to potentially stop access to SaaS apps.

Once the assessment is completed we build out an adaption plan that enables you to see what steps are required to gain immediate control of your SaaS portfolio.


Procurement and Sourcing teams are being forced to manage and work with more software vendors due to the SaaS explosion. In parallel, there is a growing demand for compossibility at the core of businesses to ensure agility and sustainable client value.

During the Adapt phase, the Appstrato team will use a blend of technology and experience to help you to work through a programme of work to get all SaaS applications under control. This includes SaaS rationalisation, working on renewals, upgrades and generally tidying the SaaS portfolio up. All of this work will be carried out in the Appstrato platform so you have one central place to view SaaS installed, used and procured.


Part of the narrative in our new digital world is assurance. In this case assurance to procure and manage your SaaS estate on an ongoing basis. Appstrato will provide analytical based procurement services that help you provide the right levels of financial governance and protection within your business.
Our Assure services are template built with pre-existing workflows to ensure rapid return on investment. Employing the Appstrato SaaS procurement platform and data cleansing technology we run the end to end workflow of SaaS procurement for you.

We can do as little or as much as you need us to do. This flexible approach allows us to work with both large and small organisations. We literally become an extension to your procurement team. The net result is full cost control of your SaaS estate along with peace of mind on security, data security and governance.


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