Professional services

Whilst the future of software is very much placed in the cloud there are many circumstances where our clients require more traditional software management services to help them understand and manage their on-premise software. We employ a blend of experienced consultants and in-house technology to ensure our clients get accurate and meaningful insights in a cost-efficient manner.

Software LICENCE

Get an unbiased view of where there may be pockets of cost that you can take out of your business? Or maybe understand what potential licence compliance risks you may have in your business. This review helps organisations get straight to the core issues.


Are you experiencing high cloud cost growth and are unsure if all the services are actually being consumed in the right way? Many CIO’s and CFO’s are now trying to get to grips with this problematic area.
Our team can help you perform a short cost take out review or simply help you install a FinOps framework. We run a no savings, no fee model because we are so confident in our work. Typically we save between 12% – 19% off our clients monthly cloud spend.


With the growing demand for cloud computing and SaaS applications IT resellers have had to drastically adapt their business models by introducing value add and chargeable services. The best resellers understand your business in detail and have the right services and resource to support you. Conversely, the worst resellers are still using old methods with a layer of ‘cloud’ marketing. At Appstrato we can help you understand if you are getting the right services, resources and systems to help you on your digital journey.


The software industry is changing at such a rapid rate. What was once appropriate in terms of service five or even two years ago is no longer viable. At Appstrato we take a pragmatic approach to this specific area to ensure our clients yield maximum value for incurred cost. In many instances, we are 60% more cost effective compared to the traditional SAM managed service approach. We can literally help you understand every application in your business, where it is and how it is being used.


Independently or partnering with your selected technology partner Appstrato can help design, build, and deploy the required work flows your business needs. With high demand for agile operations with low code installations many organisations are turning to Appstrato to help with the ongoing demand for workflow creation. It’s all about the data right?


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