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Appstrato is an elite network comprised of the finest freelance software managers, SaaS auditors, software license experts, process designers, and publisher audit defence specialists globally. Leading companies rely on Appstrato freelancers for their most vital projects.

Use Appstrato to help you win at finding the best talent for your SAM, ITAM or FinOps projects.

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Advisory Support

For all your advisory needs, hire one of our three managing partners by the hour or as a fractional management resource. With over 65 years combined experience we will help you review & roadmap the right target operating model for your business. We are 100% focussed on SAM, SaaSOps, ITAM & FinOps.

SaaS Spend Management
SaaS Spend Management

SaaS Spend Management

SaaS costs are increasing for most businesses. Every month the average organisations wastes 30-40% of it’s software budget on SaaS applications. Use Appstrato’s platform and service experience to help you find instant resource. As an emerging skill, SaaS management is in high demand.

Cloud Cost Control – FinOps

Moved to the cloud but are experiencing rapid cost increases; use our internal team to select the appropriate freelance resource. We ensure we have a blend of Microsoft, AWS and Google cloud people to help you navigate the complex world of cost reduction and management.

Process Design & Build

A very specialist area that is becoming increasingly popular now that cloud and SaaS invert the charging narrative. End users must build simple but robust processes in this area. At Appstrato we have worked with some of the leading specialists in this area. Trust us to help you source such talent.

SAM Technology

Clean up your data sets and boost your output. Our internal team can help you source some of the best SAM technology freelance resource globally. From Flexera to Licenceware you will have instant access to the right resource via our platform.

Software Licence Compliance

With access to freelance licensing specialists in IBM, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, VMWare, Veritas and many more globally the Appstrato team can help you with ad hoc licence compliance projects. Focussing on either audit defence or cost reduction activities.

Software Procurement Negotiation

Our global database of specialist freelancers can assist you with ad hoc contract negotiations across all major publishers. Maximize the benefits of your contract negotiations by utilizing our highly trained publisher contract negotiators.

Traditional Recruitment

Trust our people and platform to help you source the very best candidates for your internal capability. As a team we have delivered and built thousands of projects and teams globally over the past 25 years.

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Digitising the SAM, ITAM & FinOps Service Sector

In today’s digital era, managing software expenditure has become increasingly complex and time-consuming. With the proliferation of applications and evolving software consumption models, businesses grapple with unaccounted software costs, cloud overspend, and license compliance challenges.

Regardless of whether your organisation uses on premise or cloud software; costs are spiralling out of control. Building a full time internal team that can manage all publishers is almost impossible. Equally managed services can be rigid in approach and require significant financial upfront commitment.

Conversely software publishers & technology firms hire the best legal teams and contract negotiators to ensure they get maximum return for their intellectual property. It’s their core business. We need to find a way to help organisations manage software and technology costs in our new digital world.

In today’s fast-paced environment, organisations need agile, virtual, and modular resources that can be quickly and easily deployed or withdrawn. This is where Appstrato comes in.

Appstrato simplifies the process. As an IT services business, we are dedicated to helping our clients find the right resources. Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and technology, we connect you with the best freelance resources for all SAM, ITAM, and FinOps-related projects.

Through our platform and a team of industry experts, we bring the top 10% of global freelancers and consultants to you.

Our commitment goes further. With a combined 75 years of industry experience, our management team meticulously vets all applicants, tracks performance metrics, and applies project assurance to ensure our clients receive the highest quality service.

Partner with Appstrato and join some of the world’s largest companies in optimizing your software, hardware, contracts and associated licenses.

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of SAM, ITAM & FinOps

Our core team have been involved in delivering SAM, ITAM & FinOps projects in the UK, Germany, France, Nordics, North & South America since 2010. With a specific focus on partnering with Microsoft to help their clients manage  software and cloud environments more efficiently.

Involved in all
Industry Standards

The Management team have been involved in all global SAM industry standards . Federation Against Software Theft, ITIL V.3 SAM and ISO 1977-01; spanning from 2000 – 2023. We were also involved in the first FinOps certified platform via SoftwareOne.

Over a 1000 Projects

The core team in Appstrato have delivered over a 1000 projects in our industry globally. We are considered to be the strongest in our field. Put short, we know our SAM, ITAM and FinOps onions…

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