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Cloud Migration Reviews

Unbiased and independent review of your current IT estate in relation to migrating to the cloud. Ensure you understand your true cost of migrating along with the required business value.

SaaS Spend Management

SaaS costs are increasing for most businesses. Reduce and control your software expenses with our SaaS audit and services.

Cloud Cost Control – FinOps

Moved to the cloud but need to get an unbiased view on how to reduce your cloud costs and manage going forward.

Software Cost Reduction

Purely cost focussed service that helps companies reduce their on premise and SaaS software costs. Typically, between 12% – 24% reduction achieved.

Managed Services

Our team of consultants and analysts can either be an extension of your own SAM team or work separately to provide a whole host of reporting capabilities.

Software Licence Compliance

IBM, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, VMWare, Veritas and many more covered in the traditional space of SAM.

CMDB Baseline & Support Services

CMDB services that help you ensure detailed and accurate data is provisioned to support service management operations.

Target Operating Model Design

With nearly a 100 years combined delivery experience in SAM our team can help you build out the appropriate TOM.

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digital transformation

In today’s digital era, managing software expenditure has become a complex and time-consuming task. With the surge in the number of applications and the shift in software consumption, businesses face the challenge of unaccounted software costs, cloud overspend, and licence compliance.

appstrato is here to simplify this process. We are an IT services business dedicated to helping our clients reduce and manage their software costs. We provide actionable and insight-driven reports, enabling you to gain full control over your software expenses.

With our unique approach, our clients typically reduce their software spend by 13% – 22% in the first 12 months. We pride ourselves on our 100% project success rate, a ‘no savings – no fee’ model, and our leading-class SAM delivery experience.

Partner with appstrato and join some of the world’s largest companies in optimizing your software management.

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No savings – No fee model…

Industry leading knowledge experience

Global knowledge
of SAM

Our staff have been involved in delivering SAM projects in the UK, Germany, France, Nordics, North & South America since 2010.

Involved in all
Industry Standards

Founder and Principal Consultant, Steven Davison has been involved in all global SAM industry standards . Federation Against Software Theft, ITIL V.3 SAM and ISO 1977-01; spanning from 2000 – 2023.

Over a 1000 SAM projects

delivered since 2010, and a combined 96 years of experience from the management team.

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