Who we are?

With over a 80 years of combined experience, the management team are considered some of the most experienced in the IT industry. Founder Steven Davison has for over 25 years had a passion for helping organisations understand and manage software assets. As we now move into a more dynamic world where businesses rely so much on having the right data insights, Appstrato is well positioned to support your IT projects and services.

At Appstrato we strive to provide accurate and meaningful data analytics on our client’s software assets to ensure cost control, governance, and security assurance. Whilst we are based in the UK we are able to operate globally due to our hiring process. Simply put, we hire the best talent, wherever they may live, by providing the best terms of employment. Our model is built for the long term and for the benefit of our clients.

We understand the impact of digital transformation on IT and Procurement teams. Software and hardware asset management has become an established element of most organisations. However, with the introduction of digital change comes a new dawn and a new approach to how we manage our IT and software assets. Companies now need agile, insight driven services that free up IT, Procurement and Security teams. Simply providing cost or compliance reports on a quarterly basis using traditional SAM technologies is no longer beneficial or even relevant.

We want to create a sustainable and ethical business. We want to use our skills and expertise in the world of digital transformation to support the environment and help with social and governance led initiatives. So, to put purpose behind our profits each year we will let our staff decide on an initiative in Catch22 and make a contribution.

Catch22 is a social business, a not for profit business with a social mission which operates in the United Kingdom (England and Wales). Catch22 can trace its roots back 229 years, to the formation of The Philanthropic Society in 1788. Catch22 designs and delivers services that build resilience and aspiration in people and communities.

For more information please visit: https://www.catch-22.org.uk

We have one central value in Appstrato, which is Trust. This starts from senior management and flows throughout the business internally and onto our clients. You will never see a dozen slides with meaningless and hard to remember values in an Appstrato presentation. Our clients need to know that they can trust us to understand their business and apply the right resource to ensure the right business outcomes. It’s that simple.


Address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU

Email: info@appstrato.com