Hi, welcome to the careers page of appstrato. We are a small but talented bunch of professionals. Our driving passion is to help organisations manage what is turning out to be one of the most important purchases a company can make, software. However, you will have hopefully seen on our ‘About’ page that we also want to make sure we contribute to society while we are running the business, putting purpose behind the profit.

Why appstrato is a little different:

When advertising for a role, we will always put a pay range in rather than say ‘competitive salary’

We provide profit related pay for all staff and not just partners

We let you choose your employment type i.e., permanent, temp, contract, flexi etc

We do not set or limit holiday; really. No gimmicks or small print

We self-govern, so no formal or rigid company policies

Remote first – We allow staff to work where ever they like

We absolutely believe in creating trust in our business

Open pay grade structures

We have a four day working week

We have one central value in appstrato, which is Trust. This starts from the founders and flows throughout the business internally and onto our clients. You will never see a dozen slides with meaningless and hard to remember values in an appstrato presentation. Our clients need to know that they can trust us to understand their business to ensure the right business outcomes. It’s that simple.

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The appstrato Team

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