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In terms of our approach to technology, we divide our attention in to two very specific spaces. The first is the SAM and ITAM technologies that we can employ and the second is the software publishers that we can work with. This blended approach, allows us to ensure we keep a focus on both cloud and on premise best practice.

At Appstrato we work with all the major SAM, ITAM, cloud and SaaS management technology vendors. We believe that there are many capable technologies that can help a business gain control of its software and hardware. Fundamentally it’s more about how you employ the tools that drives success, and how you balance initial costs versus cost savings.

We work across many sectors and sizes of business,
all at various stages of maturity.

Our approach is very often dictated by our clients short, medium and long term aspirations.

In terms of the software publishers, we can work with; we have a tiered system that allows us to provide varying levels of focus and resource to ensure the right outcomes for our clients.

For example, our clients may require an initial focus on the traditional ‘big ticket’ items, but then may also need support understanding their entire application portfolio due to a planned cloud migratory project. In other instances, we may work with an organisation that is digital first and may just want a pure focus on cloud spent and SaaS audit.

Ultimately, because we are a service first business,
we adapt our service outcomes to suit the client needs everytime.

appstrato is proud to be in the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, blending existing SAM technologies with AI and blockchain platforms.

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